Mc Sacerdote

Mc Sacerdote

Stocktown Films and  Geração 80 productions joined forces with Mc Sacerdote, to shoot a spontaneous music video for a track he had recorded just days earlier. The sun was scorching and the music blasted out of the sound system at deafening levels as the whole neighborhood of Sambizanga showed up to be a part of the experience. Dance crews showed up and stopped traffic in streets as they danced on top of moving vehicles.Music video “Falste o qué” for kuduro artist MC Sacerdote and his crew. Shot in the area of Sambizanga in Luanda, Angola.

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Title: Falaste o Que

 Artist: Sacerdote

Prod. Company: Stocktown Films & Geraco 80

Producer: Teddy Goitom

Line producer: Hugo Salvaterra

Director: Benjamin Taft & Teddy Goitom

Intro Animation: John Lissert - Able Films